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Ob als eigenständiges Portal oder zur Integration in eine bestehende Website, FLUX generiert automatisch allen nötigen Content inklusive aller dynamischen Elemente.

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Integriert in den individuellen Kundenprozess produziert FLUX Factsheets, Term Sheets, Prospekte, Final Terms und Booklets für Finanzprodukte (und alle anderen Arten von Dokumenten) automatisch, legal compliant sowie in der benötigten Qualität.

Factsheet produziert mit FLUXKIID (Key Investor Information Document) produziert mit FLUXKey Information PDF produced with FLUX
Factsheet produziert mit FLUXFactsheet produziert mit FLUXFactsheet produced with FLUX
Final Terms produziert mit FLUXFactsheet produziert mit FLUX

Der FLUX Release 2.0.9 enhält viele Detailverbesserungen, Erweiterungen und einige Fehlerbehebungen.

FLUX 2.0.9 Release Notes

Change Log

  • Introduced a new arithmetic calculation Fluxlet.
  • Introduced the possibility to add a user defined description for each Fluxlet usage.
  • Introduced the NOT property for the Generic Filter Fluxlet that inverts the filter criterion.
  • Introduced the possibility to have a separate format string per step factor for Graph Axis.
  • Introduced the possibility to position the labels of Bar Charts on top or bottom of the bar.
  • Introduced an option on the Chart Pane to reverse the drawing order of Lines and Bars.

Seit Ende Januar produziert die Bank Vontobel AG Fonds-Factsheets für ihre Tochtergesellschaft Harcourt Investment Consulting mit FLUX.

IFP is based on the Flux framework and provides a completely new way to produce PDF factsheets. There are no templates, no layout per product and the like. With Flux IFP, you configure rules which define what has to be displayed under what circumstances where and how. Even if you produce thousands of factsheets in a great diversity, you only need a single document configuration. The document tree together with the graphical editor and the 100% WYSIWYG preview gives you full control over the document layouts at any time....

Whenever data has to be processed for several audiences and different criteria, the point will come where exceptions in the processing logic are necessary which were not foreseeable when the system was built. The probability for such exceptions increases with the diversity of the criteria. Criteria can be any dimension like product classifications, languages, marketing channels, user types, fee types, production dates and the like. Instead of issuing 'New Feature Requests', which lead to new system releases, it would be great if you could just configure the exceptions to the system.

Change Log

  • Fixed a locking issues with temporary SVG files.
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Property View to respond to Site Explorer selection changes.
  • Fixed a bug in the Matrix Multi Row Fluxlet which caused the fluxlet to skip every second row in certain circumstances.