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Seit Ende Januar produziert die Bank Vontobel AG Fonds-Factsheets für ihre Tochtergesellschaft Harcourt Investment Consulting mit FLUX.

IFP is based on the Flux framework and provides a completely new way to produce PDF factsheets. There are no templates, no layout per product and the like. With Flux IFP, you configure rules which define what has to be displayed under what circumstances where and how. Even if you produce thousands of factsheets in a great diversity, you only need a single document configuration. The document tree together with the graphical editor and the 100% WYSIWYG preview gives you full control over the document layouts at any time....

Whenever data has to be processed for several audiences and different criteria, the point will come where exceptions in the processing logic are necessary which were not foreseeable when the system was built. The probability for such exceptions increases with the diversity of the criteria. Criteria can be any dimension like product classifications, languages, marketing channels, user types, fee types, production dates and the like. Instead of issuing 'New Feature Requests', which lead to new system releases, it would be great if you could just configure the exceptions to the system.

Change Log

  • Fixed a locking issues with temporary SVG files.
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Property View to respond to Site Explorer selection changes.
  • Fixed a bug in the Matrix Multi Row Fluxlet which caused the fluxlet to skip every second row in certain circumstances.

FLUX wird mit dem Release 2.0.8 auch im Bereich der Verwendung von Datenquellen noch flexibler und mächtiger.

Change Log

  • Introduced the Union Fluxlet. It can be used to build the union set between two data stack levels.
  • Introduced the Distinct Fluxlet. It can be used to get the distinct set of the given attributes.
  • Introduced the Top N Fluxlet. It allows to limit the data to n rows and adds one overflow row if required.
  • Introduced the Chopper Fluxlet. It allows to chop text from an attribute and adds an overflow text if required.

Mit FLUX 2.0.7 haben wir nebst diversen Detailverbesserungen das 'Property Masking' eingeführt.

Die von Focus Consulting AG für die Credit Suisse implementierte Calculation Engine zur Berechnung statistischer Kennzahlen für Fonds verfügt über zwei besondere Eigenschaften.

Change Log

  • Introduced the Date Arithmetic Fluxlet. It allows date-based calculations on the data stack.
  • Introduced the Projection Fluxlet. It allows concatenation of data stack attributes into new attributes using all functionality of the well-known Text Construction framework.

Mit FLUX 2.0.6 wird das 'Change Detection Control Center' eingeführt. Es erlaubt die automatische Überwachung von Änderungen an Dokumenten.