FLUX 2.0.5 Release Notes

FLUX 2.0.5 Release Notes

Change Log

  • Introduced linear range context dimensions. This enables any linear context dimension to be specified in ranges (e.g. it is possible to define properties on the timeline in a valid from/until manner). A conflict detection framework is also included.
  • Fixed some minor problems with mixed CR+LF/LFs in properties.
  • The PDF rendering engine's overall performance has been increased by 20%.
  • Introduced listing of the class's defining style sheet(s) in the CSS class property editor.
  • Introduced a generic Custom Error Fluxlet, which allows showing custom error messages on a document. These errors can be removed on the mass production GUI; this allows the implementation of comprehensive suspend/sign-off workflows.

    Custom Error Fluxlet

  • Introduced an Arithmetic Calculation Fluxlet, which allows basic calculations on data.

    Arithmetic Calculation Fluxlet

  • Introduced a Table Value Gauge Fluxlet, which allows to show bar chart like graphs in tables.

    Table Element Value to Gauge FluxletExamples: Table Gauge Example 1Table Gauge Example 2Table Gauge Example 3

  • Fixed some minor client refresh issues.
  • Charting Engine: Introduced the donut factor to the Pie Chart.

    Donut Pie Chart

  • Introduced the Item Groups defined for Batches to also show up in the Batch Processor context menu.