FLUX 2.0.3 Release Notes

FLUX 2.0.3 Release Notes

Change Log – Fluxlets and Graphical Output Features

  • Introduced bitmap rendering for all SVG-based drawings. This enables all charts, logos etc. to be shown in the Preview Editor.
  • Introduced dynamic multi data series support for the Line Chart Fluxlet.
  • Implemented the possibility of formatting the Chart axis values based on their data type. This is convenient for handling numeric or date x values without displaying the whole linear data range.
  • Introduced the possibility to auto-magically remove reference target elements (such as footnotes or disclaimers) when nowhere referenced at all.
  • Introduced the Concatenation Mode Property to all Text Fluxlets which controls whether the text should be seamlessly attached to the preceding Text Element or not.
  • Transferred the "Add..." button for pre-definable property values to a more visible location. This applies to things such as Anchor Refs and Grid Cell Types.
  • Fixed a bug which screwed up PDF creation for landscape pages in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug concerning named colors in color schemata.
  • Fixed the axis range calculation to avoid an un-necessary end padding in some circumstances.

Change Log – Client and Core Engine

  • Changed the behaviour of the Client Error Logger for non-Fluxine errors when in batch mode: In some circumstances, the errors were presented to the user which suspended the executing thread until the user confirmed the error.
  • Introduced the "Auto-scroll" toggle button in the Log View which controls whether the Messages window should automatically scroll to the last raised message or not.
  • Introduced the "Dimension Designer": Interface for adding, removing, editing and re-sorting the dimensions of a site's model context.
  • Slightly improved the Site Explorer's expand/collapse behaviour.
  • Introduced the XML File Model Tier: Provides the possibility of storing a complete site into an XML file.
  • Fixed some issues with the windowing state persistence.
  • Introduced the "Item Group" storage concept for Batches and Stylesheets: It is now possible to organize these items in user-definable folder-like structures.
  • Introduced the Options dialog framework.
  • Introduced a toggle button in the Site Explorer that hides all locked packages away from the package list.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Retrieve Data" Fluxlet Action which made the parameter selection controls randomly select their values.
  • Fixed a bug that made the File Logger crash in some circumstances when configuring a non-existent directory as logging target.

Change Log – Yeti Model Tier and Ylog Batch Logging

  • Introduced persisting of non-Fluxine errors in the Ylog Batch Log Manager.
  • Introduced a Generator Fluxlet for querying the Ylog Batch Log Manager. This enables creating production log style reports seamlessly integrated into FLUX.
  • Introduced persisting the "Total item count" figure in the Ylog Batch Log Manager. This enables reporting the relative number of successfully batch-created items.
  • Introduced the possibility to make the Ylog Batch Log Manager use the database connection information of the underlying Yeti Model Tier instead of providing an own independant connection string. This is useful if the Ylog schema lives in the same database as the Yeti schema.
  • Standardized the Plugin Argument storage of the Yeti Model Tier connection string. The old-school way can still be used, but is concerned as being deprecated and support will be removed in the one of the next releases.

Change Log – Software Development Kit

  • Enabled the Cube-O-Mat profiler to delete all profile files older than a configurable threshold.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Cube-O-Mat profiler crash in some circumstances when configuring a non-existent directory as profiling target.